He also expresses disgust at his wife

He also expresses disgust at his wife

  • March 20, 2018
  • alin
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So when someone asks you “how does this part of your code work?” you can say “oh that an adapter” instead of “oh well, see, we need to support a lot of different back end interfaces, so I figured we could create a basic all encompassing interface that we use in the application, then have a number of implementation classes that conforms to that interface while using the proprietary interfaces under the hood”. It should be enough to know what these things are (conceptually) and why/when you use them.80% of non trivial interview questions (even at the top shops) involve string manipulation, the direct application and manipulation of various data structures (usually hashes or lists, sometimes trees), and things like API design. The remaining 20% would be a mixture of recursion to iteration (or vice versa), Replica Goyard bags sorting (usually only quicksort and merge sort), tree/graph traversals, and hybrid/mix and match data structure type problems.

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